A custom illustrated commission of yourself, your family, or your pet. Perfect as a Christmas card, a gift, or to frame in your own home!


Please email me at with the following information to receive your quote:

  • Photo including desired subjects

  • Descriptions of personality traits, hobbies, etc.

  • Desired colors 

  • Desired size of portrait


  1. CONSULTATION: We will discuss your vision for the commission and all details involved. Color palettes, backgrounds, wording, etc.​

  2. FIRST DRAFT: I will prepare a sketch using the photos you have provided in order to get the poses and colors set up. I will send you this first draft to make sure it is what you have in mind, and to see if you desire any changes.

  3. SECOND DRAFT: I will prepare a near-final draft with more detail and any adjustments desired. I will send you this version for your approval

  4. FINAL DRAFT: Once the final image has been approved I allow for one round of revisions at no cost, after this first round any edits may be made for an additional fee

  5. HIGH RES: After the final draft is complete, I will send you the high-resolution digital file. This file can be used to print your commission. I can print for you for an additional fee.

Turnaround time is between 2 and 3 weeks, but I can prioritize rush orders for an additional fee.

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